Mix Management for Your Next Event

“It was an amazing multi-media, multi-modal, multi-generational presentation, and was as funny as it was enlightening.”

“Frank King was great, the group really enjoyed it! Now I need some help with ideas for next year. Each year it gets more challenging to find someone as good, or better than the previous year.”

– Wendy A. Knisley
Human Resources, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

I’m guessing you’re here because you’ve been tasked with selecting just the right speaker for your next event? Is it your job to find the perfect presenter? One who is captivating, entertaining, and inspiring, with a bold, fresh, contemporary, and compelling style, delivering ah-has, as well as ha-ha’s, and winning over your audience? There are literally dozens of managing the gen mix speakers to choose from, and everyone expects that you’ll know just which presenter to select, to be the highlight of your event. No pressure there! Booking the right gen mix speaker may not make you a hero, but hiring the wrong one can…well…be career limiting, to say the least.

The good news is, you’re here!

As a hilarious keynote speaker, Frank brings his corporate brand of comedy to entertain, energize, and revitalize the process of recruiting, retaining, and rewarding the three generations in the workplace.

He blends his experience as a clean, clever stand-up comedian, an award-winning syndicated humor columnist, and certified laugh coach into dynamic, into laugh-packed and educational keynote presentations and workshops.

  • Programs customized to your theme, and the goals of your event and organization,
  • Keynotes focused on the workplace issues that are important to your attendees.
  • Your call as to the precise mix of comedy and gen mix management content for your gathering.

Imagine for a moment that you’re at the wrap party for your most recent event, and all that anyone can talk about is: “Where in the world did you find that fabulous and funny Gen Mix Speaker guy?” and “How in the world are we ever going to top that next year?”

Come on in, and set awhile. Watch a short demo clip, I think you’ll enjoy Frank King. But don’t take our word for it, see some 30 second video testimonials from delighted meeting planners, and then visit our booking page.

Looking forward to giving your attendees lots of networking ah-has, as well as hilarious ha-ha’s, and making you look brilliant.

Call Frank today (858)405-5653 to check and see what times and dates are available.

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Frank King, Speaker, Comedian, Mental Health Activist

Frank King, Speaker, Comedian, Mental Health Activist

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